Up until very early this year people interested in renewables were able to access information and advice from the SEAI renewable energy office. The government keeps banging on about how much they are ‘behind renewables’ and ‘all for sustainability’; the truth is we are further from renewables than ever before. The ESB has ceased their introductory offer of 19c per kWh exported and much to the surprise of the SEAI and everyone in the industry, nothing has been put in place to replace it and foster this fragile industry that is in its infancy in this country. This is not really the fault of the ESB as they should never have been expected to be the ONLY supply company offering that progressive FIT.

It has only been possible to easily make a connection and export to the national grid for three and a half years; in the UK they have had that necessary legislation for 28 years and consequently the industry there has flourished and is healthier and bigger than ever, much to the benefit of both the environment and to the thousands now employed in the sector.

The ‘renewables’ the government are interested in seem to be the bigger wind farms and every time planning is granted for these the government (read taxpayer) has to dig deep into their pockets and come up with the lolly to bring the national grid to the windfarm, millions spent on pylons and ‘grid augmentation’. Compare this to the small homepower producer; they already have the power lines into their houses capable of carrying up to 13kW. If they want to invest in a small 6-11kW renewable generator, wind, hydro or whatever, it costs the government nothing as the infrastructure is already in place. They would likely be exporting enough for their immediate neighbors, with no transmission losses and since it would have been their money not yours they invested they are supporting the industry in addition to reducing or eliminating their bills.

‘SEAI regrets to announce that, due to budgetary constraints, SEAI’s Renewable Energy Information Office will close on January 27th 2012.’

A couple more jobs bite the dust and now we have nowhere to turn that has up to date information about one of the potentially biggest sources of employment in the future of this rapidly sinking country, shame on us all.

“As we recover from this recession, the transition to clean energy has the potential to grow our economy and create millions of jobs – but only if we accelerate that transition. Only if we seize the moment” – President Barack Obama

Yea, seize the moment Fine Gael!

Somehow I dont think anyone is listening.


PS  We at KRE would be glad to help anyone with information on renewables in any way we can. enquiries@kre.ie


About kingstonrenewableenergy

Kingston Renewable Energy (KRE), Hydropower products, wind energy, renewable energy products, We manufacture, supply and install. Richard Kingston KRE is the home of Fluxy, a beautiful Irish made wind turbine designed to last several life-times, and a host of other Hydro products branded under KRE hydro. KRE HYDRO- KRE are currently installing a range of Hydro products including high head low flow systems and low head high flow. These are pelton and Turgo types for high head, crossflow Banki turbines for medium to low head and Powerpal for Ultra low head. We also plan to introduce a custom timber/steel/aluminium waterwheel service for those of you who are lucky enough to have disused mills on their land and who would like to restore them to their former glory (and make a healthy profit in the process). All hydro installations are custom designed. This is necessary because everybody's land and water resource is different and to benefit from the highest efficiency and lowest payback time the hydro system must be customized according to what flow, penstock length required, and what head is available. Hydropower is currently by far the most cost effective renewable resource in Ireland under the existing Feed in tariff structure and export rate of 9c per unit (wholesale rate for bigger systems is €0.087/kWh). It is surprising how much energy is to be harvested from even a small stream and we are offering 4 to 7 year payback times on average and high profits thereafter. KRE FLUXY- It has been a long journey from when I originally set out to buy a wind turbine to power my own house in 2007 and discovered that the existing machines on offer in the market failed to meet my desires as a customer; that is, to possess an aesthetically designed machine with a low embodied carbon footprint and a long design lifespan. This led to my resolve to make this a possibility as I knew there were other like minded folks out there who had the same needs when buying into renewable energy. I have always been a keen environmental activist and had a strong understanding of engineering and material sciences which enabled me to see failings in the high tech electronically controlled machines commonly available today. These weaknesses come from over complicating the wind system with servo motors, sensors, gear trains, relays and logic circuits; fine for large utility scale turbines which are constantly monitored and have continual maintenance on site but not for a small wind turbine in the back yard to run the house. I could see that wind turbines needed to be brought back to a less complicated yet modern design that would withstand time and the turbulent and violent winds we see in Ireland and fulfilling the old engineers adage of ‘KISS’ or ‘keep it simple stupid’. With less component parts, there are less things to go wrong. My vision was to create a machine that offered the benefits of being an economic investment, a positive for the environment and also to be a design piece that our customers are proud to have flying in their grounds. And so, I present you with the fully mechanical Kingston Renewable Energy Fluxy wind turbine. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or think you may have a good wind site. We will happily do a site assessment come rain or shine. Stay posted for the monthly blogs from our inspirational team here at KRE. Check out our latest installments in our crusade to get higher feed-in tariffs in Ireland so that we can compete with the rest of Europe in the micro-generation stakes. The Hydro section of our website will be updated shortly to show our newest installations and showcase our products. Yours sincerely, Richard Kingston

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